Gaggia Professional Line – Deco EVO Tall Cup Coffee Machine

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Model 2 groups 3 groups
DECO EVO Tall Cup electronic version
Width 765 mm 985 mm
Height 620mm 620 mm
Depth 570 mm 570 mm
Weight 67Kg 86Kg
Hydraulic specifications
Copper boiler capacity Lt. 13 Lt. 21
Brass chrome units warmed by thermosiphonic system 2 3
Stainless steel steam arm 2 3
Steam arm Powersteam 2 2
Stainless steel hot water tap; two programmed doses 1 1
Hot water economiser 1 1
Pressure gauges for boiler and pump
Visual boiler water gauge
Automatic boiler filling
Manual boiler filling
Automatic anti-suction valve
Built-in volumetric pump
Electric features
  Voltage Watt
Electric heating at maximun power (boiler resistance only) 240V 4760 5950
Electric heating at reduced power (boiler resistance only) 240V 3170 3950
Installed power 240V 5500 6900
Pump motor 220V-240V 330 330
Pump motor CSA 330 330
Electric cup warmer 240V 150 200
Group heating (single group resistance) 240V 120 120
Multifunction display
Back illumination
Power supply 240-230/415-400V three-phase
Automatic turning on/off function
Other features
Body in stainless steel/painted polyurethane
Sloped filter holder with ergonomic handle colour
Painted steel frame Red/Black Red/Black
Raised group heads H. max 180 mm (from spout tip to lower grid)
Supplementary extractible grid H. 95 mm (from spout tip)
Stainless steel drip-tray
Hot water production per hour 300 350
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