Gaggia Carezza Style Coffee Machine – Discontinued

According to our motto Tradizione in Continua Evoluzione, the new GAGGIA CAREZZA Style combines our professional heritage with the latest technology, to delight you with a remarkable Italian Espresso that would have made Achille Gaggia proud..

15 Bar Pressure for full Espresso Taste.

The 15 Bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine will make sure you always get the Authentic Espresso taste.

Descaling Alarm for Longer Product Lifetime.

Your Gaggia machine will indicate when a descale cycle becomes necessary. Descaling will prolong the lifetime of your Espresso machine significantly and should only be completed with original Gaggia descaler.

Pressurized Filter Holder For the Perfect Crema.

The pressurized filter holder on your Gaggia machine will create an Espresso with the perfect Crema.

Pre-Brewing for Flavour Enhancing.

Pre-Brewing ensures that the grounbd coffee is evenly moistened before the actual brewing process. Only then the water flows through all of the ground coffee and your Gaggia Espresso machine can extract the full aroma for a balanced and tasty Espresso.

Coffee Pods Compatible.

Our Gaggia manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for so called ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods. These ESE pods are perfectly portioned and make it easier to operate a manual Espresso machine.

Classic Milk Frother for a Tasty Cappuccino.

The classic milk frother on this Gaggia machine, traditionally called “PANARELLO” turns milk into gorgeous milk froth within seconds for a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or more. It also delivers hot water for an Americano or even a cup of tea.

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